No Ads Showing?

What you can do if no ads are showing in your country, region or city.

  1. Make sure you have your ads switched on in your profile preferences.
  2. Invite your friends, family and colleagues to join WowTurf.
  3. Encourage local companies to contribute to global education by advertising on WowTurf’s ad platform.
  4. Or create your own ads or ads for a good cause for a minimum of USD $5.00
  5. Interact with the adverts you are served to earn points and tokens.
  6. Keep an eye out for when we announce the monthly bursary winners.

If you cannot see adverts in your WowTurf interface or are seeing the ‘No ads showing’ advert, it does not mean that Wow Win is not working. This means there are no advertisers currently publishing adverts in your country, region or city or you do not have ads switched on in your profile preferences. You can switch ads off at any time to stop seeing them.

Advertisers publish ad campaigns in various locations to target specific audiences with their products or services. When ad campaigns display in your WowTurf interface, you can engage and interact with the advertising to earn Points and Tokens.

For every complete ad interaction, you will earn Points or Tokens. Tokens give you entries into the Wow Win bursary funding pool. There is no limit to how many Points or Tokens you can earn.

WowTurf is a community and education-focused platform, built for the global community. To enable the full potential, the platform needs community involvement so that WowTurf can do what it is supposed to – provide education funding. This funding is available to WowTurf subscribers and registered affiliate NGOs.

You as a community member need to encourage local businesses to advertise on WowTurf in your geographical location. When you interact with their adverts you will be able to earn WowTurf Points and Tokens, which give you access to the bursary funding draws. Get advertisers involved and help generate education funding for you and your community.

Find out why it’s a win-win for advertisers to advertise on WowTurf. They will be uplifting global education accessibility.

Why advertise on WowTurf?