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FAQ’s some commonly asked questions

How to I participate in the monthly bursary giveaways?

As a launch initiative, WowTurf is giving away $1000.00 bursary every month of 2021. You can choose where to use this bursary so long as it’s an educational institution.

You can use it for yourself or for your child, give it to a friend or family member or even donate it to a charity.

All you need to do to participate is sign up to WowTurf and also invite a friend to sign up to WowTurf too. You need to invite them from the ‘Invite and Earn’ section you will find in your personal dashboard.

How it works: when you invite a friend from your dashboard that will be sent an email with a unique referral code. They only need to follow the link in the email and sign up using the code. When they sign up you will both be included in the bursary giveaway draw for that month.

You can invite multiple friends to get multiple entries each month.

Each month you can do the same to participate in the monthly draw.

What is WowTurf?

WowTurf is a global education funding platform. A dynamic source of knowledge, information, and creativity for individuals, learners, parents and teachers, it ultimately brings learning to life!

Our mission is to provide a valuable source of educational content and funding to assist individuals and communities in achieving educational goals and attaining self-empowerment.

How do I use it?

WowTurf content is freely available to all subscribers.

The platform seeks to assist learners, parents and teachers in sourcing useful, practical and literal educational content and activities that will enhance knowledge, help further studies and enrich and enhance day-to-day practices and experiences.

The user-friendly site currently offers 2 interactive categories:

Wow Fun: An educational and fun archive of content that encourages interactive activities and creative engagement and exploration for all.

Wow Win: Encourages interaction with in-site advertising and surveys so that you, and everyone else, gain education and educational funding.

How does it work?

WowTurf brings together the multi-segmented markets of online advertising and education to enable vital funding and drive change. When users engage with ads on the platform, WowTurf is able to allocate ad-spend earned, from user interaction, and distribute funding to subscribers in the form of bursaries.

Why advertise on WowTurf?

As an advertiser on the WowTurf site, you gain direct access to a dynamic programmatic advertising platform and a global audience of educationally-minded individuals.

Providing a variety of ad formats, the site offers advertisers a range of versatile options, enabling brands to build awareness, generate leads and drive users to take action online.

Additionally, WowTurf is able to deliver precise targeting, greater response and ROI.

As an advertiser, you’ll control when and how ads are served to your chosen location or target market.

Bidding allows active advertisers to bid for the desired ad that suits their budget.

This creates fair opportunity, with prices dictated by the market advertisers to promote fairness and transparency.

How do I become a contributor?

As a WowTurf contributor you’ll be able expose your name, knowledge and ideas to an ever-growing, worldwide subscriber base. Contributors to the site will benefit from substantial exposure to a global audience, for the benefit of all.

If you’re ready to showcase your expertise to a global community comprised of interested readers and doers, then get started by logging-in to our site and clicking on the ‘Contribute’ menu item in the footer. You can find a full rundown of our Guidelines there.

How do I get a report on my ad spend?

By navigating to the advertising dashboard from the WowTurf global menu you’ll access a complete overview of statistics relating to each of your published campaigns. You can track all your campaign data, export reports, view statements and your ad spend right from your dashboard interface.

I’ve forgotten my password!

On the WowTurf login page click ‘forgot my password’ and we will send you a password reset link to your registered account email inbox complete with reset instructions.

How do I use my tokens?

You can accumulate as many tokens as possible in order to gain multiple entries into the funding pools. Your tokens are automatically entered into the education draws when the draws commence.

How do referrals work?

Users: By referring a friend to WowTurf, the invited friend will receive a unique coupon code. When they sign up they need to use the coupon code and exact email address that was invited. If they do so, each of you will receive a token. This token puts your name into the next bursary draw.

How do I win education?

Simple. Interact with ads and surveys and earn points. As your points accrue they become tokens. Tokens are your entry into the funding pools. Build up your tokens and receive multiple entries into the funding pools. If you are allocated a funding amount you will need to decide on who is using the funding and at which educational institution it will be used.

You will need to provide us with bona fide invoices from the chosen institution and we will handle the payment process directly with the institution, on your behalf.

If you want to be considered as a paid WowTurf ambassador get in touch with us to find out more.

Advertising sales and lead commissions are payable on discussion.

Does WowTurf make any money?

WowTurf generates money by selling online ad inventory within our site. We aim to contribute the majority of all ad-revenue directly to the education funding pools. When a draw pool reaches a USD $ target value amount (example $5000.00), WowTurf gives this amount away in the form of a bursary/ie’s to WowTurf subscribers.

The remaining revenue is channelled back into the maintenance and operation of the WowTurf platform and its associated business processes.

How can I help?

Be a WowTurf Ambassador! Let education be your platform! Contribute, engage and share!

Our goal is to encourage the global community to join the learning platform.

We’re able to encourage their participation through various means: word-of-mouth, radio, TV, talk shows, social media and online advertising amongst others.

However, we have a lot to share, and you can help us so that we can help you.

Encourage your friends, colleagues and community to join WowTurf too, the bigger the community, the more useful the platform becomes.

Increased activity and interaction from learners, parents, teachers and advertisers, will continue to enrich the platform experience and funding opportunities. As a result, substantial and regular bursaries will be able to be awarded to WowTurf users and affiliated charities.

I have a partnership idea to propose to WowTurf - who do I contact?

Click on the ‘Contact us’ menu item at the bottom of the Home page. We look forward to hearing from you!