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WowTurf is an educational platform that provides no strings attached bursaries to its users through ad revenue earned.

About us

WowTurf is a globally accessible online platform. It is an education-rich knowledge resource for learners, parents, and teachers.

WowTurf brings learning to life through freely available content.

A highly informative and interactive platform, WowTurf’s content enhances basic life-skills, explores global cultures and sustainability and provides instruction and guidance on a wide range of home-projects and learning activities.

Above all, WowTurf promotes educational learning through fun and creativity.


Learning through doing

One of WowTurf’s primary goals is to inspire individuals, learners, parents and teachers to engage in practical, physical and intellectual projects that aren’t solely reliant on modern-day technology and electronics; that encourage physical and mental learning pursuits in favour of cyber-sensory activity.

Whilst WowTurf’s features, articles and activities are geared to individual learning requirements, many encourage active participation and social interaction between parties.

In addition to informative features on a range of topics, WowTurf subscribers can ultimately engage in various activities and challenges at varying degrees of difficulty.

These activities aim to promote active learning, enhance brain skills and encourage problem-solving through logic and strategy.

Creating a community

In many cases, education is an unattainable pursuit for individuals and certain populations all over the world. Educational resources and educational funding remains an ongoing global challenge.

We understand that the WowTurf platform may be inaccessible to certain communities and population groups due to Internet access constraints.

With this in mind, we are on a mission to establish strong affiliations with various registered and credible charities to enable us to open up opportunities for growth and learning to these less fortunate communities.

As a platform both ‘for’ and ‘by’ the community, WowTurf encourages educational writers, teachers and thought-leaders to contribute to its content archives to enhance and enrich the platform experience for all users.

Our business model successfully addresses the needs of a multi-segmented market; advertising and education.

Interactive advertising with a purpose

Offering the ideal platform for a variety of interactive advertising formats, WowTurf’s native programmatic advertising service provides an easy-to-use, efficient and useful tool that connects global advertisers to an educationally-geared audience.

Promoting valuable, applicable businesses, tools and offerings that ‘speak’ directly to our subscribers and resonate with their needs, this service further educates and empowers our users.

Furthermore, subscriber engagement with the advertising and surveys on WowTurf enables us to allocate ad-spend (derived from this interaction) to education funding for our platform subscribers.

A vital key to the success of this business and our ability to generate vital education funding is:

  • WowTurf’s establishment of a credible database of subscribers to whom global advertisers can successfully market their products and services.
  • Subscriber interaction with advertising that allows WowTurf to obtain and distribute vital educational funding to recipient subscribers.

A vision for the future

The WowTurf vision is to build the world’s leading, self-sustained, education funding platform to service and enrich the global community.

It aims to achieve this through:

  • Provision of individual learning content, exercises and tools that promote informative, interactive and self-paced learning.
  • Parent and child interaction, and learning/educational content that supports this.
  • Teacher and learner interaction, and learning/educational content that also supports this.
  • Single-user benefits that address, for e.g. the challenges of including senior citizens and the elderly in the information and communication society, or help younger people prepare for the jobs market.
  • Fair redistribution of WowTurf profits to subscribed users and disadvantaged communities for bursary and educational funding

“Education is now the number one economic priority in today’s global economy
– John Naisbitt, Author of Megatrends

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