The process of contributing your projects to WowTurf is simple.

  • Simply fill in the form at the bottom of this page.
  • Add your project title and choose a category.
  • Indicate the projects age appropriateness
  • Paste your copy in the project content area and upload your files, links and/ or images.
  • Please ensure you provide the correct author’s name so that we can credit this accordingly.
  • We’ll review your content within a week of receiving it.

Please review our guidelines for contributions or Contact us for more details.
Thank you for your help in making WowTurf a quality learning platform.

Feature Articles: WowTurf’s preferred article word count is approximately 750–1,000 words. Longer articles should include sub-headlines to help make the text easier to navigate.
Blogs or Opinion pieces: Our preferred blog word count is 300–500 words.
Creative Work (other): Videos, photographs and graphics must be approved for submission by the original creators and meet the high-quality standards of the platform, as determined by the WowTurf’s design team.

WowTurf is a platform for the global community, by the global community. A dynamic user-driven hub on which to share and exchange knowledge and encourage creativity, learning and innovation.

We invite learners, educators, industry leaders and practitioners to become part of the WowTurf contributor team. In addition, videographers, photographers, and graphic designers are all welcome to contribute educationally-focused creative works (articles, videos, projects or tutorials) for inclusion on the WowTurf platform.

We believe that great, generative ideas emerge from joint thinking. So, if you’re interested in forming a creative partnership with us, (whether in the form of an awareness initiative, community or a global improvement campaign or perhaps a method to help us enhance our digital reach) just send an email to WowTurf via the Contact Us page.